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COVID19 – How to use Tippy Taps

Always use Tippy Taps with soap to ensure germs-free and clean hands. WASH Campaign

COVID-19, Wash Your Hands Regularly

Lets encouraeg our children to wash their hands regularly to prevent infections and the COVID virus.

My Mother’s First Son – Sefashie Poet

By Daniel Sefashie, Poet In every human society, there are individuals that represent various divides in developing the future...

Diana Hamilton builds boreholes for residents of Tumu.

Gospel musician, Diana Hamilton, has through her foundation built a borehole for residents of Tumu, in the Northern...

McBrown Causes Traffic As She Fries ‘Bofrot’ At The Roadside – Draws Massive Reaction

By Joe Pee Veteran actress Nana Ama McBrown has caused a massive reaction after She was spotted frying buff loaf at...