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Summarizing 2020, It was… By: Afia Adobea

Short! Short? Yup! Or you have a better word describing a 365 day we barely spent 80? Well maybe you do and I will agree because we have actually not been in normal times, you know. We all have had our varying perspectives. As I said, it was short – blunt like that, another may also say it was interesting – with much indifference, another may demonize it – with the end-time facts. But will you agree with me that not only was it short, interesting, and demonic but it was a moment of realization and adventure? Well….

When the Novel virus first broke out In Wuhan, it was not a shocking news item on media. Because it was not the first time hearing such an outbreak amongst the Chinese. We knew them to be the first to catch certain infections because of the type of animals they eat, so we relaxed our minds and kept hearing and talking about it until it got closer to us. The media set it as the Agenda with conspiracy theories.

When we saw the mass burials of infected bodies, the suicides because of loss of hope, the money Italians left on the streets because it had lost essence, and the whole world, except North Korea, Israel, to mention the few, in history went on lockdown, it dawned on us to know the essence of humanity.

We wondered if it made sense to be created, struggle, and die like animals. We questioned our intelligence, and when it could not solve problems, we realized the limits to which our intelligence could take us. We realized we were not gods. We realized the blessedness of the African continent despite the countless handicaps. We realized the real businesses and fragile ones. We realized the importance of technology and the media. We realized the importance of relationships and the freedom to breathe, without trapping it. We realized. We indeed came to a realization that we were humans, frail, and… not in-charge of the world.

The adventure followed when we woke to our realizations. The curve the world was thrown into was too sudden and unexpected. This moved everyone out of the comfort zone to find what could sustain them in the times. Some Private Organizations and entrepreneurs re-strategized themselves to thrive in the ‘’jungle’’, others could not even rise to re-strategize. And it was fine. It still is actually because in the jungle only the skilled, the strong, and smart survives. Like the Media, App Developers, and THE CREATIVE ARTISANS who took advantage of the moment and reigned.

TikTok is now an addiction in the world. It was just a normal App people were not using until the Lockdown made us dependent on social media, to relieve us from boredom. Jacqueline Mensah, a Ghanaian lady in her early twenties magnified her skill on it and became first in rank on Pulse TV, and online TV on Facebook. She is now earning big in the spotlight. The next I saw her was on Fiifi Coleman’s stage play, which was aired on Facebook during the lockdown and I believe it is just the beginning for her.

Another Favourite skits I discovered on Facebook during the lockdown were ‘’Mr Macaroni’’ and Lasisi Olenu – very creative and hilarious Nigerian comedians. Not only do they make funny skits but informative contents, Mr Macaroni for example write advertising contents and acts them out. I am sure it is a reward he has attracted to himself for putting himself out there. The next I also saw him, he was featured in an upcoming movie. I have thought to myself before that it would have been very difficult getting the projects they have now should they have roamed with applications in the respective companies.

I believe the lockdown has proved to us that we cannot depend on monthly salaries, right? It is time to discover and use your talents and gifts to do something for yourself. God gave you a ‘’natural resource’’ when He sent you down, to create wealth for yourself. He knew education would come but it is to school you in that regard. The poorest man is not the one without money, but the talent to pull money and attention towards himself. What can you do? Realize something. Be on the adventure. Find you, because covid has come to stay!

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